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A boldly flirtatious woman...

The Midwest Minx


I am Cocos Butter

​​​You have reached the domain of Coco's Butter, a sultry combination of erotic sensuality and playfulness. Delectable mixtures of Native American, Irish, and African American accolade my unique and idiosyncratic personality; you will find me to be self-reliant, optimistic, cheerful and sensitive with a great sense of humor. I have a medium, golden-toned complexion, ultra smooth skin, enchanting brown eyes, and a dazzling smile.

I have a mixture of complicated interests with simple tastes. I'm addicted to travel, socks, shoes, and books. I am very natural and don't use a lot of perfumes, creams, or makeup. I am definitely a true foodie and it's almost impossible to choose a favorite dish. I love to take my time and enjoy great meals with good company as well as dabble in the kitchen myself. I have a regular career that takes me all over the world and I love to share my experiences.

Size 4

Body Type:  Slender, Toned

Bra Size:  34 B

Shoe Size:  9

Height:   5'5"

Weight:   130 lbs

Hair Color:  Chestnut Brown

Eye Color:  Same As Hair